Let’s Begin, Shall We?

Hello hello hello beautiful souls! Welcome to my personal blog where I touch on everyday life topics and ignite inspiration in who are on their enlightenment journeys. As I am no expert or master of none, I do not aim to teach; instead, I aim to shed light upon a level of awareness unreached by most.

At 28, I’m just now taking the time to learn and reinvent myself by healing childhood traumas and living consciously. So far, this has aided in my quality of life and the quality of others lives who choose to be apart of it. By no means has this journey been easy or perfect but I think it has helped me accept being an imperfect human all while simultaneously celebrating and loving myself despite of.

But first, I’d like to tell you how I started on this path.

It started with a question that then led to more questions. Giving myself the option to be undisguised or transparent with myself ceased. I then was able to fix broken pieces to the best of my ability and find new ones along the way.

In the next few pages I’ll take you through who I was in my past, who I am now and all the way to who I foresee myself being in the future by turning inward to heal. You will see how I begin to take those broken pieces, rearrange them, thus creating the being i want to be and not who my traumas created.

I write this solely with the intent to encourage and inspire you to join me in the art of adding YOUR personal touch to an already beautiful portrait.