What’s a “Good Mother?”

I immediately revert back to my childhood when I make an attempt at answering this question. Once I form my opinion of what I THINK a good mother is, I then analyze whether me and my own mother fit the description.

I do.

She Does.

She cared for me, provided my basic needs, created beautiful memories with me and overall I could sense her unconditional love for me. She attempted to provide for me what her mother could not and most times she succeeded.

Like most of us, she was not exempt from faults and imperfections. It wasn’t until I became an adult when I realized how her unhealed traumas leaked into the lives of my brothers and I. A mark was left for sure but I understand and I’m aware of how unintentional it was.

She is a GREAT MOM because I KNOW, She did the very best she could with what she had and knew how to do.

As a mother now, I try my hardest to express my love for my child in ways that he can understand. I strive to be there in ways my mother was not but I don’t always get it right because just like my mother, and like your mother too perhaps, I am not exempt from from faults and imperfections. I make mistakes and I don’t always understand what he needs from me. What I do get right though is that I try my damned hardest. I seek healing ❤️‍🩹 from own traumas so I don’t create any for him and I apologize when I am wrong. So here it is:

My definition of a good mother is a mother who actively tries to be their best and apologize for when they are unable to be. A good mother is not a perfect mother but she’s a trying mother.


So to all my mommies out there including my own, thank you for doing your very best!


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